Prints & Original Canvas by David Joyner



To this day I am still amazed at a white sheet of paper. I live in Okeechobee, Florida with my wife and daughter, along with our dog, and 6 cats.  I owe this all to my mother that told an 8 year old boy, “I believe you can draw.”

"David creates amazing artwork with a unique perspective and not to mention detailed strokes. I just had to purchase one of his artworks as a pillow! It will be a nice addition to the dark brown leather couch... not to mention brighten the room. Thank you for sharing your God given gift of art."

Julia Theriault

"I am blown away by the textures and vivid colors ... life should imitate art if it’s painted by David!"

Dee Shannon

"Your paintings are amazing Dave. I can actually say, "I knew him back when..." and really mean it. I also enjoy reading what's actually going through your mind while in the process of a painting. Good insight, humble, and highly motivated!"

Harvey Badilla Beloro Elgar